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We’ve all been there. Writing essays is not fun, especially when you are on a tight deadline. We don’t want to be that student that wrote the essay overnight, fueled by coffee and Red Bull. We don’t want to suffer from having to stare at the screen for thirty minutes, with only one sentence written. In fact, you don’t have to suffer from that anymore. 123helpme can help you. 123helpme provides you with a convenient tool to help you complete your paper with the best quality for its price.

123helpme is different from other websites that offer the same services. They offer free essays whereas other websites may charge you for it. 123helpme covers many essay types ranging from argumentative essays to classification papers. Of course, they also have essays on almost all the possible topics out there. They have social issues, health care, humanities, and many other topics ready. You just need a few clicks, and you are through with the essay. This can really help you in a pinch and save you a lot of time on academic assignments.

123helpme.com review

123helpme strives to help students and professionals alike, for free! Moreover, they also provide other services free of charge! Their free services include:

  • Writing tips
  • Writing guides
  • Free essays examples

Obviously, you will need to pay if you are in need of other research, and how much you will pay depends on the quality and amount of the work that you need.

If you take a look at 123helpme.com, you will find that all of the essays are divided into 5 categories that include free essays, good essays, better essays, stronger essays, powerful essays. They are categorized into five colors: gray, red, orange, yellow, and green. The quality of all of those essays varies from each category to the next. They are based on a variety of features such as grammar mistakes, or reliability of information.

Of course, nothing comes without a downside of its own. If you look at 123helpme.com reviews, you can immediately see its flaws. For its price (mostly free), the work you will find can be of low quality. They don’t tell you who wrote all of those essays, and when they were written. The essays you will find there are not theirs. There is no such thing as free lunch, after all. The website promises free essays, not good essays. They cannot be held responsible for what you do with these papers, obviously. So you should really be careful when you use one of their essays. You can, of course, read the content first to confirm that they are usable. But, that only applies to free essays. What about the ones that cost you? To be fair, they let you have a preview of the work. Then again, you pay for a slightly longer version of that work so your money may be worth spending elsewhere.

The customer support of that website is also questionable. Looking at the 123helpme reviews out there, you can tell that the customers are not very happy. Why? Because they used the e-mail system. That means the response time is very slow. It is, after all, an outdated customer support system. Then again, what can you complain about? The quality of their essays? They didn’t write them so you cannot blame them.

So, what if you want to make the most out of this website, but don’t want to run into any troubles? You can use their essays to give you ideas on what to write. You can just copy and paste the entire essay, but you run the risk of submitting a poor quality essay. Because of that, we don’t encourage you to do that. An alternative is to read through the essay and verify the information in there. It can take some time, but at least you know whether or not are the essays usable. Money-wise, we don’t encourage you to spend anything on this website. The services you get give you very little benefit from what you will get from the same site for free. The customer support is sub-par, and from the customer’s 123helpme.com reviews, you won’t get much from them when you run into problems either.

All-in-all, this website is pretty useful. You can get some free essays here while it may cost you elsewhere. Unfortunately, the good news stops here. The quality of the customer support is poor, and if you’re not careful, you can run into troubles using their assignments. To be fair, though, you cannot expect a lot out of something that you can get for free.

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