Review on writemypaperz.com that pleased me with the result

Impression Produced

My impression was favorable at once and you will understand this after reading my online essay writing service review. I was pleased to find the possible discounts for the new users and a rather affordable pricing policy. If you need to save, you can order the essay with the longer deadline. A great variety of services on offer also caught my attention and added positive impressions to my essay writing services review, as I have always wanted to find one place where you can order all the services required.

review writemypaperz

Available Services

My order was a lab report, but when I applied to them, they told me about other services they provide. I understood that it was my lucky chance to order the analysis for my larger essay. With their help, I would fulfill the task quicker, I hoped. And it was really so, as they did their job fast and without the unnecessary delays. So I just had to add this analysis to my project.


None of my orders had 15 pages, so the discount for a bulk buy was not for me. However, I succeeded with the second order, as it was not urgent, the deadline of it was 10 days. As a result, I had to pay less, and in general, it cost me $20. I am sure that it is a bargain, although I can’t say that it was cheap for me. But in any case, I looked through some other reviews on essay writing service and their cost, so I am satisfied with the work I got for my money.

Free Offers and Discounts

There is a possibility to use two types of discounts: the first one is given for the bulk buy and the second one is for membership. These two options were not suitable for me, so I enjoyed only a welcome bonus. Moreover, as both of my orders were not very large, I could not say that they cost me a fortune.

writemypaperz review

How to Order

I did not have any troubles while placing an order. I just tried a couple of options to obtain the most desirable price for me. Although I selected the lowest price possible, I was not disappointed with the work obtained. For these projects, I succeeded to get the highest grade.

Cooperation with Performer

Ex-professor was chosen as a performer for my order. She was a real pro and did everything very quickly. Moreover, she kept in touch with me asking for my comments or remarks. But I really did not have time for them as she wrote the projects quickly.

review writemypaperz

Terms of Performance

As I received both of my orders on time, I could only express my satisfaction with the strict adherence to deadline in comparison to other essay writing reviews.

Result Obtained

I was satisfied with the lab report and the analysis received. The analysis even helped me to prove the correctness of my evaluations and I managed to complete the essay perfectly well. As to the lab report, it was done so well, that I had to change it a little bit, so as to make an impression that I did it myself. Nevertheless, my score was high for this job.

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